EPIP DC | Resource Flow Working Group Pilot

“We envision a world where systems, cultures and individuals 
support the wellbeing and self-determination of all people and the planet,  
with care for past, present, and future life.”
– Miki Kashtan
EPIP DC in partnership with Communities in Transition (CIT) are inviting you to co-create and pilot with us a Resource Flow Working Group (RFWG).

What if the most powerful step you could take towards social change lies within your organization? Amidst the roaring global call for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion, the tides of philanthropy are turning towards greater trust, flexibility, and participation. Those who are seizing the moment are finding far too often that our institutions are stuck, stuck in old mindsets, antiquated practices and outdated policies. Proposing change can get sticky and even be risky.



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