Clairity Click-it: Sand Pail Full of Nonprofit Links + Resources

How is it going? How are you dealing with the transition to a different world space?

I know it can be challenging to put all your worries, anxieties, frustrations and tensions on the shelf. It’s that way for me — which is why I’m trying to consciously focus on the places where we find our power, values, wisdom and possibilities.

Whenever I feel myself slipping into a space of criticism, judgment or negativity, I try to pull myself back from the darkness; then move forward towards the light. I’ll be writing about this more on the Clairification blog in the coming weeks and months.

Today it’s all about the resources that have been speaking to me over the past two weeks. Sometimes work can be more fun, energizing and meaningful when you learn a new skill, are exposed to a different point of view, or if you just take a somewhat different approach. Here’s a collection of articles, whitepapers, webinars, templates and guides to broaden your outlook!

This newsletter is free to you thanks to my sponsor, Bloomerang. I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I enjoy finding them for you. As you may know, my motto is: If I know it, I want you to know it!”  

That’s why I also offer my virtual year-round ‘Clairification School,’ with an extraordinarily modest tuition. Because I’ve got a LOT more to share with you based on my 40 years’ experience – 30 of them in the trenches – plus all the new things I learn every day in my practice.

If you find value in Clairification, please sign up now for all the benefits ‘Clairification School’ has to offer. It’s as free of a ‘public school’ as I can make it, while covering expenses.

Your support makes it possible and, truly, means a lot. Now… let’s get to this issue’s “click-it” links!

Thank you SO MUCH for doing the important work you do,


P.S. If you’re on the fence about enrolling in Clairification School, see what others say about why they’ve joined. If you’re not happy, I’ll refund you the $1.92/week.

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