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We begin this issue with a poem for you. It’s a call for you to share your voice in bolder, deeper ways. The world needs it. The world needs you!

The One Deep Inside Your Chest

Step back and watch your body, being a body.
Watch an arm move through space, watch an ankle turn.

Watch your body, as it likes things or doesn’t,
as it gets scrapes and bruises
as the skin darkens and falls into folds.

Step back to the perimeter of the theater
and watch your body on the stage.

Recede to that quiet knowing:
For now, I am associated with this body —
not inside it, or one with it —
just associated, for a time.

Casing. Only casing.
Be kind to the casing if you like — put oils
on it and nourish it and move it to keep it stronger, for a time.
Never become it. There, only suffering.

Can you feel the one deep inside your chest, who has existed forever?
Who has made a thousand journeys?
Who feels like a comet in the dark?
The inner filament?

I know, no one ever told you.
I know. It wasn’t the name you learned to write at school,
but that one is you.
That one is the real you.

– Tara Mohr

Here are the resources that have been speaking to me over the past two weeks. Twice a month I collect and curate articles, whitepapers, webinars, templates and guides I encounter in my travels across the web. This newsletter is free to you thanks to my sponsor, Bloomerang. I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I enjoy finding them for you.

Thank you SO MUCH for doing the important work you do, And may your inner filament shine through!


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