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How often do you hear people saying these days “the world is out of control,” “everything is chaos,” or “these times are so disordered and abnormal?” I hear it. A lot. So I was struck by a recent piece from coach and author Tara Mohr who said it suddenly struck her that everything is in perfect order. In other words, actions have consequences. Our job, whenever the world falls into a state of unbalance, is to deal with them. To tip the scales back to equilibrium.

If we act with greed and disregard for the earth, our beautiful skies and clean air will no longer be there for us.

If our economy doesn’t put people first – treating its workers with decency and care – we will find it is profoundly vulnerable in a time of crisis.

If as a collective, we can’t walk humbly and work together diligently in the face of a pandemic, we will become its fools.

And if we try to ignore, or somehow transcend, our oppression of people and communities, without real reckoning, without the destruction of old ideas and systems and the creation of new ones, we will find out that no, there is no true way forward without deep transformation and reparation.

In all these ways, nothing that is happening now is out of order.

Nothing that is happening now is out of order – and the order it is revealing to us is one where regard for the earth, and each other, is imperative.

Tara Mohr

Your job right now, as a philanthropy facilitator, is imperative. Philanthropy means “love of humanity,” and we need philanthropy now more than ever.

Whatever I can do to help you, it is my sincere honor and pleasure. That’s why I take the time, every other week, to curate this collection of completely free resources to help you with theory, tips and tools. Find a few things that speak to you, and… get clicking!  I also want to give a shout out to my Clairity Click-it sponsor, Bloomerang. I hope you enjoy these resources as much as I enjoy finding them for you.

Thank you SO MUCH for doing the important work you do,



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